I friggin love this song.
Anyway, to the Latale update! :D.

So Chukumi Shrine [Webfoot Octopus Temple] was released today!
That means that the NEXT major update (hopefully) will be sub-class. Waiting on that patiently OGP.

With this update, OGP released two new fashion. The Chipao New Year’s Set and the Cow Set. I kind of like the hairpin of the New Year’s Set. The cow set is a little..well it’s cute in it’s own..special way.


Along with fashion, OGP added a new item to 3rd place in Ladeck.

It’s similar to the Clover event from the last update, but when you click on it you get items instead of having to use two different items. A list of things you can get along with the percentages is found here.

The thing that caught my eye in the list of items from the Prime Capsule? The Valkyrie Desire Coupon and the Ignate Coupon. What are these? Well…

The Ignate Coupon allows you to pick through a list of available titles. [almost all of the ones in Latale] and you would get a guidebook to learn the title at an 100% rate. I imagine that this coupon will be very expensive…

To prove my point, those are a few of the titles you can get from the coupon.
And lastly..

Like the Coliseum Desire Coupon, this Valkyrie’s Desire Coupon does the exact same thing, but you get a +8 valk. [thank goodness. if it were a +11, things would go down from there.] Kind of disappointed that they added YET ANOTHER one of these.

As for the Octopus Temple:

Is that..Siam from the Space Time World..? ._. What happened to you D:

Four of the quests involve killing the monsters, [one is the boss] and the rest are item collection by killing monsters or using the Collection Skill on the Fresh Octopus you see throughout the maps like so:

Then I got a whisper from Yuudai who asked me to hold a party for him since he was killing the Octopus boss, so I went, sat, and watched him kill it while I sat and healed him. lol.

It hits rather hard for a monster in grey. It did 2k damage to me to the front. ._. Like a mini-escaped hyunmu [party].

Looking back at what I typed, I seem to have not stated HOW to get here and this page is on page 1 of google searching. ._. To get to Webfoot Octopus Temple, you must talk to Janice in Elias Airport.

Throughout Elias, there are about 25 quests that you can get regarding this place. Two NPCs in the Fight Arena, some on the bank, restaurant, palace, weapon shop, and NPCs outside of the buildings. You start off with 25, but they’re a long string of quests.